4 to-dos before pressure washing a house exterior

4 to-dos before pressure washing a house exterior

4 things you always must do before pressure washing your house. Important preparation!

  1. Tape and cover with plastic, all electricals. (Light switches, plug outlets, electrical panels, cameras, door bells, light fixtures, TV’s, radios ect;.)
  2. Tape over all key holes on doors. This will stop water intrusion and prevent rust and build up. If not done, you will start to have problems with keys sticking in your locks.
  3. Check all window & door jams for damaged seals, or cracks that can cause leaks into the home.
  4. Verify all windows and doors are closed all the way before you begin pressure washing. I couldn’t tell you how many times we have checked and found a window slightly opened before pressure washing a home.

    Window cleaning
    Windows after being cleaned


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