Time to Trim Branches Over Your House

Time to Trim Branches Over Your House

Do you have tree limbs casting to much shade over your roof? Do you have Tree limbs almost touching your roof? Notice the picture attached where all the palm trees are casting shade on the shingles has mildew. I remember when shade trees over your home was a good thing and helped control electricity bills and kept the home cool. Then studies proved that the same tree limbs were casting to much shade on your roof causing it to:

– Stay damp and ramp up organic growth like mold, Mildew & bacteria.

– That lead into degradation of your roof and roof materials.

Just a small amount of tree trimming over your roof goes a long way in preventative maintenance.

– It keeps leaves, moss lichen, mold, mildew, algae and other organic growth from forming so quickly.

– Prevents damage such as abrasion from limbs in strong winds sliding back and forth.

– Damage from fallen or broken limbs, especially in high winds as the Gulf Coast is accustomed too.

– Stops squirrels and other rodents from accessing your eaves or roof.

Those Rodents can eat away and damage your siding, shingles and wood permanently. A good rule of thumb is to keep limbs 12 foot away from your roof or home.


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