Wood Substrate Cleaning

Various woods require various techniques. Each situation even requires various techniques. Every individual wood material will react differently to certain chemicals. Your Exterior Cleaning Contractor needs to know the majority if not all of these situations and substrates. When cleaning wood, you don’t want to bleach out the grains and give them a pale wood […]

Should you Soft wash or Pressure wash?

Soft washing doesn’t just clean the visible surface, it kills all bacteria, algae, mold, mildew & lichen from surface to root. Anything that has flat or shallow grooves and has bacteria or mold attached is a good candidate for soft washing. Our soft wash solution is time proven and very unique in our industry. In […]

Roof and Exterior House Wash and Maintenance

Winter and fall will wreak havoc on your roof & gutters with debris. Roof cleaning will ultimately need to be done but, start by removing the debris from your roof to prolong the time between roof washing. I would suggest a homeowner never get on their roof without some sort of expert supervision. If you […]

Research the benefits of Roof Soft Wash Cleaning

After all debris is removed from your roof, search soft wash roof cleaning near me to schedule a deeper cleaning to get rid of additional staining and bacteria before they cause other issues like decomposition and rot. In the past the practice was to use high-pressure washers to remove dirt from rooftops. After years of […]

Have Your Exterior Walls Cleaned

Never neglect your siding after those wet Louisiana winters. Just like your roof, it will collect dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from the elements. This can lead to Oxidation, exterior wall breakdown, & a dull/dirty looking home. This type of cleaning requires a lower PH with gentle rinsing and a shorter dwell time. If your […]

Exterior Window Full Unit Cleaning

You will need to be really meticulous with your window cleaning to remove months of dirt and grime. 1. Begin with a light pressure washing, stay about 2 foot back from the window with your wand and use lower pressure. do not spray into the window jams to prevent leaks. 2. Either wait for an […]

Time to Trim Branches Over Your House

Do you have tree limbs casting to much shade over your roof? Do you have Tree limbs almost touching your roof? Notice the picture attached where all the palm trees are casting shade on the shingles has mildew. I remember when shade trees over your home was a good thing and helped control electricity bills […]