Research the benefits of Roof Soft Wash Cleaning

Research the benefits of Roof Soft Wash Cleaning

After all debris is removed from your roof, search soft wash roof cleaning near me to schedule a deeper cleaning to get rid of additional staining and bacteria before they cause other issues like decomposition and rot.

In the past the practice was to use high-pressure washers to remove dirt from rooftops. After years of research, high-pressure washing can damage all roof materials such as shingles, asphalt, slate shingles or metal by loosening them from the roof itself or breaking the seals on the fasteners.

Pressure washing is great because it can remove mold, algae, and fungus from wood and cement and other porous materials. So Pressure Washing definitely has it’s place in this industry but you need a professional to know which application to use and when.

The alternative for roofs is soft washing. What is soft washing? Soft washing is a low pressure application using cleaning chemicals on a roof, a specific dwell time for each severity of staining or type of living organism attached to your roof. It is then rinsed with a gentle, lower-pressure water spraying. The cleaner will break down and kill all organic growth leaving your roof healthy and beautiful. This cleaning method is recommended by all roof material manufactures and will keep your roof with in its warranty. These cleaners are safe for most roofing materials and will not cause them to become discolored or warped during the cleaning process.

We recommend having this done once Spring arrives so your roof will stay beautiful all year long and may even last for 2-3 years depending on your location.. soft wash roof cleaning near me


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