Roof and Exterior House Wash and Maintenance

Roof and Exterior House Wash and Maintenance

Winter and fall will wreak havoc on your roof & gutters with debris. Roof cleaning will ultimately need to be done but, start by removing the debris from your roof to prolong the time between roof washing.

I would suggest a homeowner never get on their roof without some sort of expert supervision. If you feel as if you need too, please be sure that you use a secure ladder with another person spotting you. Never get on the roof itself. The algae, mold, mildew, moisture or debris can be a trip or slip hazard. Use a blower or extended pole from your ladder to remove the debris.

Always use a good pair of work gloves incase some sharp imbedded objects are in the debris like pine cones or thrones ect….

If you have a Gutter cleaning attachment for your water hose or pressure washer, please use these from the ground if possible to insure you and your families safety.


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